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"Please, Papa. I hate it when you pretend, I hate it!" She wheezed, shaking his hands away from her head. Her eyes still blurred with tears, she could barely see his loving gaze. "Please don’t pretend to be happy, you were just crying a few moments ago. It’s not fair to you, Papa. I’m just too selfish, and I’m sorry." She cried against his lips, her breaths coming out choppy and pained. 

"I have to pretend. I have to.” He wheezed, face draining of color, leaving his skin to match the sheet once again. The sudden blank seemed to draw out that loving gaze—it was the only colorful thing left in that dull void of emotion, and the tension that choked the room. “I was crying because…” His mind had fogged over again, and it was impossible to think of an excuse this time—something to distract his daughter’s truthful thoughts. But that one word was enough to break the man, snapping him in two like a the twig his body and become. “No.” Tears stained his face then the sheets, leaving glossy lines through the age lines. “Don’t you ever say that to me… you are never selfish. I’m selfish. I am the selfish one. I’m selfish. Because I want you. I don’t care about how much I hurt you by doing this bullshit to myself—I’m selfish because I do it to protect you. Not realizing what it does to you in the end. I am the selfish one, Felicia…”


He frowned slightly when the tea was spilled, but said nothing. “Hmpf, it’s fine…just don’t spill any anywhere but the tray, and don’t worry too much about making it either, gives me shit to do. I go to bed late anyway nowadays, and it’s just me and my dumbass cats, so it’s not like I’m busy or anything. Well, I’m guessing that’s why you even asked for tea right? I’m the same, I just pretty much keep a lotta tea on hand ‘case I get sick or something.” Romano then went back to the kitchen to quickly get the cream and sugar and after he returned he set them on the tray. However, then he paused for a moment, thinking about if he should let Antonio add them himself or help him out. The man’s grip had been unsteady, so he decided to do the latter. “How much d’you even want?”

An apology was uttered over the mess—it was a futile apology in essence. Nothing but the tray had been speckled with the dark, hot liquid. Lovino’s rambling quickly drew the older man’s thoughts from the folly at hand. The silence of the room would have gotten to him if it hadn’t been for the younger’s eagerness to speech. As much as he didn’t want to be waited on, Antonio merely handed the tray back over, watching it splotch with more of the hot drink. His grip continued to be unsteady with a mixture of tiredness, unwellness, and confusion. “Hmm…” There was a youngish sparkling that lit the old chartreuse hues, piercing into Lovino. “‘M’gonna let y’ make it. See if y’ remember? Lotsa’ cream, and a touch o’ sugar for sweetness.”

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Felicia gave him a small sigh, not knowing what to do. “You aren’t some sort of reptile, it’s not like your legs are going to grow back if you willed them to.” She stated softly, honestly not wanting for him to hurt himself. Circumstances could be tough, but they’d get through this eventually. Just like they had done before. It shouldn’t be too hard, he still was her father; just in a different form. “You’re not a fish though… Besides, I can call a human my father. What difference does it make if he’s part fish?” She asked, before wading out of his reach and grabbing a towel to cover herself up with. Wrapping her soaking body in the white softness, she slid out, careful not to slip on the water that her father had splashed everywhere.

“Aren’t fish—” he stopped himself before he asked such a stupid question. He still seemed so dulled by this new fact and this new body. As pretty as it was, he hated the glimmering lower half, that created over his hips. As he waited for her to dry off then prepare to take him out to sea, he sat and thought—about the benefits of this. None seemed to come straight to mind. Besides the fact that he could be naked without being naked. In all honesty, the old pirate was also worried. What if this never stopped and he could never sleep with his daughter again. What if he could never leave the sea. He suddenly cursed himself for past wishes that could have incurred the wrath of some magic genie. After all, he wasn’t the most reputably good man.

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"Ti voglio bene," Lovino murmured in reply, continuing his actions with a small smile.  It was nice to be able to relax and speak his mind with Antonio finally, enough so that the threatening tears subsided.  It didn’t stop him from blushing lightly at the kiss to his cheek, but for once, he leaned into the contact.  He just hoped they would be able to stay like this for several more years.

Antonio would always be there for Lovino to speak his mind like he wanted—at least until death decided to rear it’s ugly head. The affections shared were more than enough to make the old man smile relentlessly in Lovino’s arms. He pressed his still-warm forehead right into the boy’s chest and sighing deep.

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He grunted quietly as he plopped down on his butt to sit next to Antonio. He’s decided not to be confused about it anymore and just accept this. “Yeah, yeah.” He waved a hand and laughed, shaking his head. “How long did it take you to get all the way here?”

Having a fish tail had even confuse the old Spaniard. If Lovino was even in the slightest frightened, Antonio wouldn’t have blamed him. He blinked, tipping his head to the side, water beading at the ends of his dark ringlets, shimmering into the sea. “Me? A few hours—the entire morning.” He couldn’t lie.

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"Oh shit." Romano curses at himself hearing the footsteps on the top of the deck. "He’s probably leaving now isn’t he?" Romano stayed put until he knew the pair of footsteps have gone into some room. He quietly stepped out from under the door on the floor with the small ladder. He needed to hide fast. He didn’t know when someone else would come on board. He walked slowly until he made it to a random door. Only, he was careless enough not to read the label above that said ‘Captain’s Quarters’

The day had been long, and the captain was drained. He eagerly wriggled a pair of tattered leather boots off his feet, pulled off a pair of long, thick wool breeches, then his coat, letting them all fall to the floor in a reckless pile, along with his shirt and hat. He pulled on a nightshirt then tugged off his trousers. The pile reeked of sweat and dirt—the smell soon choking the air in the small cabin. Antonio blinked hearing the door click, but thought nothing of it. He was far too exhausted, his body seemingly sputtering out.



Romano inhaled sharply. He could hear Antonio yelling at him from outside,following him into the villia. He was glad to see no one else was here since it was very embarrassing. The italian walked to the kitchen and started to chop onions. But when he heard the last part he paused and whirled around,still holding the knife in his hand. “LOOK YOU! Don’t you dare try and guilt trip me! I’m the one who left for years and tried to walk back into your lives. I get that you’re both too busy deal’in with your own shit to deal with my ass. Don’t start act’in like you sold yourself for me ‘cause I’d never want you to do anyth’in like that. If you did that’s you being a dumbass like usual.” 

By no means was the old man about to leave Romano’s side. Not after everything. “Did you dare just say that?” It really was one of the reasons—and Romano thought it was nothing more than a guilt trip. That made him regret but a fraction of the immortality now gone forever. “I left you!” He didn’t understand what the Italian was getting at. It was like time was flying by and for a moment, Antonio wondered if his hair had gone completely grey—for it felt like an eternity that he’d been frozen in shock. “Are you jealous?!”